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They are often the only things special to make itself beautiful.

How many times, thinking back to a room, be it bar or restaurant, one of the first things that come to mind are some attractive small details. Nothing is ever left to chance.
Everything is deliberately and willfully sought. CPM is a motto that the company, which specializes in producing accessories for the restaurant has done since the beginning of his own business, becoming one of the players in this industry.

Established in the early '70s with an array markedly craftsmanship, the CPM has experienced a fast and continuous growth over a period of just over twenty years has led it to be placed successfully in the most desirable market segments. The roots are, however, remained the same and the success of the Florentine firm he founded his own reasons for this choice: the will, that is, to preserve the ancient handicraft taste as one of the basic issues to which to refer. So the Italian quality has always sought throughout the world, continues to live in the rich production of the CPM.

Each object created encompasses research and aesthetics, functionality and hygiene, appearance, the latter increasingly heard and addressed.

One of the parameters of the CPM has always put great attention to sometimes trivial requests, which screened and processed then become the real rich veins of precious actually extracted by the indefatigable work of the combination of design / production, real strength of this company.

What in all cases have always and will feature the production of this company is the quality of materials used, the care with which the work is carried out and the pursuit of perfection in finishes (gold, chrome, silver) from the great demand.

But that's not all.

The CPM, in fact, it also offers the possibility of being exclusive to the customer's design or the same design office.

All products sold under the brand CPMs are also guaranteed, and look at all the secondary, for each item is always possible to have the availability of spare parts and repair. So those who choose CPM may decide to do so with the certainty of having a reliable reference point in time.